Mapping is central to everything we do. You can’t tell people about something until they have a sense of where it is relative to their current location. We have developed an advanced array of mapping skills and techniques to deliver the quality product our clients require.

An essential part of the roll out of the Falls Creek dual season branding was the creation of a new set of clearly defined, seasonal maps for the resort and its environs on the Bogong High Plains.

With so many of the recreational activities at Falls extending out into the surrounding Bogong High Plains region in the Alpine National Park, Parks Victoria are an integral part of overall dual season roll out. The maps intentionally adopted a largely 'tenure neutral' approach in order to focus on the visitor orientation requirements.

Additionally the maps adopt a recreational activity focus separating out the user activities of nordic trails, walking and mountain biking rather than attempting to combine these 'overlays' on a single mapping presentation.

A feature of our mapping product is the way in which we import data from GIS programs and thereafter work interchangeably between the the drawing program Illustrator and the image manipulation program Photoshop to generate bespoke customised solutions for each mapping project. Some examples of the variety of responses this approach has generated is shown below.