Nature Tourism Services was established in 1998 by Ian Charles and Marianne Walsh.

In setting up the business Ian drew upon his 18 years of experience working for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service – first as a tour guide and after 1987 as an interpretation officer / graphic designer.

As a graduate artist majoring in sculpture, Marianne brought her design skills and artistic background to bear on her role as art director, illustrator and signage installations / landscape designer.

Today these twin core skill sets continue to define the product offered by our company and all the work presented here derives from this collaborative enterprise.

Our clients have the confidence that the same team that delivered the products shown here across our website, will be the team engaged in working on their particular project.

View selected project examples below and read about the innovative planning responses that underpinned the delivery of the final product.

bogong high plains road planning responses

greater blue mountains world heritage area interpretation

mungo meeting place planning and teamwork

great victorian railtrail design innovation

the gully aboriginal place use of interpretive nodes

ballina coastal recreational path  

falls creek alpine resort visitor orientation planning