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Nature tourism invites people to explore an outdoor area and experience first hand its natural and cultural heritage values. Nature tourism's promise is not just the enjoyment of open air activity, but rather the chance to connect with and appreciate a place's underlying heritage values.


Nature Tourism Services was established in 1998 by IAN CHARLES and MARIANNE WALSH to help land managers deliver on this promise of safe, meaningful and enriching travel to heritage places.

interpretive web app supports entry signage at Ballina

Entry node, Ballina Coastal Recreation Pathway

Interpretive landscape design example - Wallaces Heritage Trail entry

Watchbed Creek entry node, Bogong High Plains Road

Purnululu National Park interpretive signage

Interpretive signage, Purnululu National Park World Heritage Area

mungo opening

Opening ceremony, The Meeting Place, Mungo National Park

Dual season interpretive signage - Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Bike hub precinct, Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Interpretive display by Nature Tourism Services, Mungo Woolshed, Mungo National Park

Mungo Woolshed displays, Mungo National Park

Dual season signage at Falls Creek being changed from summer to winter modes

Changing signs from summer to winter mode, Falls Creek

Interpretive signage at Stevenson Falls, Marysville enclosed within entry shelter

Stevenson Falls entry signage, Marysville

Stevenson Falls

Digital heritage trail signage, Lisner Park, Charters Towers

First World War digital heritage trail, Charters Towers

Interpretation signs installed as part of the Geraldton Trails project, Geraldton, Western Australia

Geraldton Trails signage

Pastoral heritage interpretive displays in the Zanci Woolshed, Mungo National Park

Zanci Woolshed displays, Mungo NP

We offer a unique suite of integrated nature tourism communication products. These include strategic interpretive planning, interpretive landscape design solutions, interpretation signage, interpretive mapping and tourism web-apps specifically developed to enhance the functionality of onsite interpretation signs.

Orientation display at the entry to the Mungo National Park Pastoral Heritage Loop

Pastoral Heritage Mungo NP

Great Victorian Railtrail gateway entry, Mansfield, Victoria

Great Victorian Railtrail gateway entry, Mansfield, Victoria

Kalkari entry sign

Kalkari entry sign

Interpretation signage along the Red Dog Trail, Dampier, Western Australia

Red Dog Trail, Dampier, Western Aust.

Interpretive signage, Gan Gan Lookout, Port Stephens, NSW

Gan Gan Lookout, Port Stephens

Landscape design interpretive node, Ballian Coastal Recreation Path

Trackside node, Ballina Coastal Recreational Path

Interactive PDF smartphone Guides

Smartphone PDF touring guides

 Botanists Way entry display, Clarendon

Botanists Way entry display, Clarendon

interpretation displays within the Port Stephens Visitor Centre

Port Stephens Visitor Centre displays

Entry hub to Wallaces Heritage Trail, Bogong High Plains, Victoria

Wallaces Heritage Trail entry, Bogong High Plains

Interpretive signage, Geraldton trails, Western Australia

Geraldton Trails signage

Mungo Meeting Place interpretive precinct, Mungo National Park

Mungo Meeting Place entry

stockton sandspit sign

Above: An example of Nature Tourism Services' interpretive design in action at Stockton Wetlands, Newcastle, NSW

gate design wentworth falls

Above: Indigenous design motif cut out of steel sheeting for a gate entry at Wentworth Falls. Artwork by Nature Tourism Services after original images by Chris Tobin.



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mungo meeting place opening