The Australian Alps Smartphone Guide is an e-publication that works on any mobile device once a good quality pdf reader app is installed.

Download the Australian Alps smartphone guide

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Do not proceed to download the smartphone guide until you have a good quality pdf reader app installed on your mobile device.

The guide is a "content only" e-publication that relies on being embedded into a dedicated reader app in order to function effectively.

A good quality app is essential to deliver a good browsing experience. We recommend the GOODREADER app be used for Apple IOS devices and ezPDF READER be used for Android. These can be downloaded for a nominal cost.

iBOOKS is an acceptable free alternative for Macintosh users. Blackberry users can access several pdf reader apps including BEAMREADER. On the Windows mobile operating system FOXIT READER AND JETCET PDF can be used.

The file size of the guide is 28mb.

iPhone downloads:

When you click on the link from an iPhone or iPad it will automatically download and open in the Safari browser. A display box will appear very briefly at the top of the screen showing the pre-installed apps capable of hosting the guide.

Click on the GOODREADER link. Wait briefly while the file is transferred and it will then open from within the Goodreader app. It is now installed and ready for browsing.

(N.B. If you miss the chance to click on the link when it first appears simply tap on the top of the screen to bring it back up)

Android downloads:

Downloading to an Android device is simpler as when you click on the link it asks you whether you want to download the file to the web browser or another already installed app capable of reading pdf files. Click on the ezPDF READER option.

Windows and Blackberry downloads:

Open the pdf reader app on your device and consult the download instructions.