nature tourism services logo Marianne Walsh


Dip Fine Arts 1977
East Sydney Technical College
(4 year course Equiv. BA Fine Arts)
Dip Ed (Sydney University) 1982

Co-founding director of Nature Tourism Services, Marianne Walsh is the company's art director.

She is an artist who originally trained in sculpture and now specialises in painting and works on paper.

Marianne's spatial and sculptural design knowledge and skill sets are the foundation on which Nature Tourism Services landscape and signage design solutions are developed.

footprint motif
marianne walsh artwork

"Late Afternoon Balmoral". Oil on canvas 101*152cm

"Winter-midday Hartley Vale with llamas". Oil on canvas 101*152cm

"Valley Floor 1 - Govetts Leap". Acrylic on canvas, 1500*1200mm. Work awarded the People's Choice in the 2015 Hunters Hill Art Prize

"Horseshoe Falls, Govetts Leap". Soft pastel on paper, 1250mm*1100mm. Work commended in the 2014 Norvill Art Prize

"After the Fire 1 - Falls Creek". Acrylic and oil stick on canvas 1200mm*900mm. Work hung in the 2016 Caleen Art Prize

"After the Fire 2 - Falls Creek". Acrylic on canvas 1200mm*12000mm

"Afternoon storm over Grose St, Leura". Soft pastel on paper 800*500mm

"Late afternoon storm over Ballina 1 and 2. Soft pastel on paper each 900*350mm

"Midday, Black Bay Rosedale". Oil and oilstick on canvas diptych 1300*1100mm

"Govetts Leap, Valley Floor 3"

Acrylic and oilstick on canvas diptych 1500*1200mm


"Slices of Heaven 1"

Mixed media on paper 900*700mm

Below: Slices of Heaven 2/ Slices of heaven 3. Each work mixed media on paper 900*700mm

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