nataure tourism services logo Signage on the Furneaux Geotrail at Flinders Island is supported by custom web app pages publishing the sign content in HTML

Furneaux Geotrail, Flinders Island

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Nature Tourism Services provides
interpretive, placemaking
and wayfinding products
helping land managers
deliver meaningful
visitor experiences

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Since IAN CHARLES and MARIANNE WALSH established Nature Tourism Services in 1998, the way we deliver interpretive and wayfinding products has evolved. Our product range has developed in sync with the dramatic technological advances that have unfolded over this time.

With the 2020s now well established around us, we see this as a time of integration and consolidation – a workspace where traditional best practice approaches to delivering wayfinding and interpretive products are being re-evaluated and redefined.

Signage and webapp content for example are no longer two separate elements to be considered discretely. Rather they are a connected product suite. Here the signage stands as a portal to a richer online experience while also delivering enhanced user accessibility outcomes for non-English speaking users and people with disability.

Additionally our understanding of placemaking best practice requires us to closely consider landscaping and the need to shape the overall user experience when crafting project specific signage and digital products. An example of this from the redevelopment of the Mount Canobolas summit precinct in 2022 is shown below.

canobolas summit installation

This is an exciting time for us to be innovators in this field. With the collaboration and creative input of our clients, each project explores the new ways we can help managers deliver meaningful, safe and environmentally responsible user experiences across the public spaces they conserve.

Interpretive sign at the Walls Lookout, Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area

Due to access constraints, interpretive signage at the Walls Lookout in Mount Canobolas SCA needed to be designed as a lightweight flat pack unit which was assembled on site in November 2022. Its central location was also considered to allow for uncluttered 270˚ views out from the edges of the platform.

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our services and portfolio ...

Interpretive planning ...

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Nature Tourism Services are interpretive planning specialists – different people connect with new settings in different ways ...

Interpretive signs ...

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People are responding emotionally to signage designs before processing message content ...

Interpretive digital ...

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Our digital design solutions deliver enhanced user accessibility by publishing sign content in HTML and allowing for further investigation ...

First Nations ...

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Aboriginal communities sharing such messaging as they consider appropriate to helping their children grow up strong in their culture ...

Wayfinding + Placemaking

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We deliver wayfinding and placemaking strategies and products as an integral part of our product suite ...

Project portfolio ...

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Our portfolio presents both the diversity of our inhouse skill sets and the scale of project work we have been involved with ...

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We are an Australian company based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Our project portfolio embraces work across Australia including major projects in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and Far North Queensland as well as extensive project work across NSW, Victoria and Bass Strait.

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