Download the Lord Howe Island smartphone user guide


The Lord Howe Island User Guide is a 26MB e-publication that you download and host in a your preferred PDF reader app. [e.g. iBooks for IOS-Apple / EZ PDF Reader for Android etc]

about the guide ...

The smartphone guide is an interactive PDF document designed specifically for mobile phone use.

The guide provides you with detailed maps and general user information that you can use to explore the island and help protect its world heritage values.

The purpose of the guide is to embed content onto your phone for easy use in areas with no interent coverage.

hosting the guide ...

To embed the guide onto your phone you must transfer the file to your PDF reader app after it opens in your internet browser following download.

If you don't do this, the browsing experience will be very poor and the file will be lost when you close your internet browser.

Make sure you have a PDF reader app installed on your phone before you download the smartphone guide.

choose a good PDF app ...

A good quality PDF reader app is essential to deliver a good browsing experience.

In general an app you pay to download will provide a much smoother and faster browsing experience than a free app. The exception to this is the 'iBooks' app which comes preinstalled on IOS devices and provides an ideal hosting platform.