echo point

gateway to the
Three Sisters Aboriginal Place and the starting point for classic mountains walks

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You can walk across to this headland overlooking the Three Sisters along a 600m surfaced path leading off from beside the visitor centre.

three sisters walk

This is a special place for Aboriginal people. The valleys to the south were formed in the Dreaming by Gurangatch – an ancestral [burringilling] being. Gurangatch was a gigantic eel – part fish, part reptile – who lived in a very deep waterhole at the southern end of the mountains.

Pursued by the tiger quoll hunter Mirragan, Gurangatch ducked and weaved through the countryside, carving out the valleys and filling the rivers with the water he dragged behind him from his original waterhole.

The long ridgeline you can see here is Kings Tableland. This was the place where Gundungurra people followed breaks in the clifflines to travel between the escarpment and surrounding valleys.

The European name for this large mountain seeming to stand on its own here is Mount Solitary. A name such as this however had no meaning for the Gundungurra Aboriginal people. For them, Mt Solitary was called Muumu.

Muumu is likely to have been an integral part of a cultural landscape defined through its connections to its ancestral past and its immediate importance in the life of the Aboriginal community.

The wilderness you see here extends south for nearly 100km. All the waters in these valleys drain into Warragamba Dam - a major reservoir built in the 1950s to provide water for Sydney.

Narrowneck Peninsula is a dramatic feature of the Katoomba landscape. You can visit Cahills Lookout along the Blue Mountains Drive touring route to get close up views of this mountains icon.

Once you've taken in the scenery from the lookouts at Echo Point, be sure to enjoy a gentle stroll to some of the other viewing areas within easy reach of the main precinct.



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Echo Point is a major trailhead that provides access to some excellent half day walks.

Stay on the clifftop for an easy stroll along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

Drop down into the valley for a more challenging walk along the Federal Pass Track.



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In addition to the Three Sisters and Echo Point, Katoomba is home to a range of other precious places to explore.

Use the interactive menu below to learn more about the possible next steps on your mountains journey.




Mobile phone coverage is variable in this area. Download your copy of the PDF smartphone guide to embed the walk maps onto your phone before you leave Echo Point.

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