Web-apps built with static webpages minimise recurrent costs of operation

Most of our clients use capital funding to implement any new product initiatives. These 'one off' ventures must be carefully planned so as to minimise any recurrent costs needed for their maintenance.

Static webpages can effectively be housed in an assets folder on an existing tourism website. As static pages they need no server processing to compile the page content and can generate the user response speeds one expects from an app experience (as distinct from CMS / responsive pages that are commonly sluggish to load on mobile phones).

By contrast the annual recurrent costs of maintaining at least an IOS and and Android version of an app (in terms of both content updates and upgrades to keep it in line with advances in operating system software) are significant. These act as a serious disincentive for small - medium organisations to develop conventional mobile app product. Web apps by contrast are within the means of most land managers to implement and maintain.