In 2009, we had a major involvement with a project run by Parks Victoria to upgrade the visitor facilities on the Bogong High Plains in the region adjacent to Falls Creek within the Alpine National Park.

The work was undertaken in conjunction with the $10m project to seal the section of the Bogong High Plains Road linking Falls Creek with the Mitta Valley.

As part of their contribution to this project, Parks Victoria undertook to upgrade the quality of a suite of park entry nodes located along the newly sealed road.

Our work on this major design project required us to take the signage design process through to print ready artwork while the landscape responses were conceptual only. Parks Victoria then used these concepts to engineer and install the landscape responses.

The major landscape planning issue needing to be addressed at the gateway to the Wallaces Heritage Trail was the pervading corridor effect that visually dominated the access road. To mitigate against this we determined to cut across this corridor with a major shelter / lookout platform intervention midway along its length

This intervention has succeeded in counteracting the corridor effect and in providing a major visitor orientation node in keeping with the iconic stature of this heritage trail and its significance in the overall high plains experience.

Alongside the design work needed for Wallaces Heritage Trail entry, another major design challenge existed at the Watchbed Creek node some 3km along the road towards Falls Creek Alpine Resort. This area has very significant natural heritage values and any intervention there needed to be kept to an absolute minimum footprint.

In response to this we developed a "cut down" version of the shelter unit from the Wallaces precinct and planned for its installation in the already degraded "front" verge of the triangular precinct. The existing other vegetation in the corner setting was left untouched.