The 1920s brought us the Bauhaus – the design movement that combined fine art with functional objects and changed the nature of the world we live in today.

A hundred years on the 2020s promises a similar period of integration. The 2nd mobile decade will be the time when this technology moves from being a phenomena in its own right to simply being an accepted and expected part of our lives and the products we rely on.

The first mobile decade of the "20teens" was defined by technological advances. The 2020s will be shaped more by how these technologies are customised and adapted into everyday functional settings.

The opportunity for interpretation and visitor orientation product is to proactively embrace this new operational paradigm.

The blog articles below explore some of the ways nature tourism providers can imbibe the spirit of Bauhaus integration.

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Expanding from a binary to a digital ecosystem model presents an array of opportunities. These can provide a more nuanced and adaptable platform upon which to explore further areas of digital integration in the second mobile decade.

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User Experience (UX) heritage interpretation focusses on the totality of the visitor experience – not just the component part that is traditionally dedicated to intepretive media.

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Developing multi-lingual and multi-cultural interpretive and visitor orientation platforms is an emerging field. Today traditional models of communicating with visitors to natural areas are being challenged by technological innovation.

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A litmus test for any post 2020 operational paradigm must be the extent to which it is open to and capable of embracing new technological innovation.

Open source modular systems that have the flexibility to respond creatively to emerging opportunities while at the same time delivering present tense solutions meeting the needs of both users and managers underpin the user experience UX approach to the delivery of quality nature tourism experiences.

The interactive table below demonstrates practical examples of how these approaches can be integrated into the coherent presentation of a major nature tourism destination.

table 1
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