connecting traditional  interpretive signs maps and 
print media  with a  digital future - delivering innovative        
interpretive and visitor orientation design solutions

Nature tourism is an invitation land managers extend to people, to explore outdoor areas and experience first hand their natural and cultural heritage values.

Its promise to travellers is not just the enjoyment of open air activity, but rather the chance to connect with and value the underlying heritage of the landscapes they are visiting.

Nature Tourism Services was established in 1998 to help land managers deliver on this promise of safe, meaningful and enriching travel to natural areas.

Since this time we have embraced emerging technologies to develop innovative responses to familiar challenges. We have done this in cooperation with our select group of production sub-contractors.

We offer a unique suite of integrated products. These include strategic planning, interpretive sign design, mapping and web-apps specifically developed to enhance the functionality of onsite interpretive signs.

In particular, this opens up the opportunity of communicating with non-English speaking visitors, through "on-the-fly" translation of content via the user's own mobile phone browser. Downloadable PDF guides also allow people to embed content onto their phones for use in areas remote from internet coverage.

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We are an Australian company based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Our project portfolio embraces work across Australia including major projects in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and Far North Queensland as well as extensive project work across NSW and Victoria.

We have the capacity to undertake work for overseas clients on selected projects and would welcome enquiries in that regard.

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